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Rules & Regulations

For everyone’s mutual enjoyment, the park rules and regulations are in place for the consideration of all of our guests/staff and for the protection of the property and environment.


Rates are based on a 1-day stay. Non-payment of rent will result in the removal of your vehicle/RV, according to California Code 799.22. Emerald Forest Cabins & RV has a 28-day maximum stay.


Sites include 1 rig/vehicle or 2 tents, up to 2 people and 1 pet. No combination of tent and RV. Please keep your space tidy and debris-free.

Check-In / Check-Out:

– Check-in time is 3 p.m. for cabins and 1 p.m. for campground sites.
– Check-out time is 11 a.m.

Generators and Space Heaters:

Generators and space heaters are PROHIBITED.

Speed Limit:

The speed limit is always 5 MPH through the park. Vehicular travel is only permitted on designated roads. Users must observe and obey all traffic direction arrows and signs.

Visitors and Quiet Hours:

No visitors are allowed after 10 p.m.
Quiet hours are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.


Pets must be on a leash. They are not allowed in any building except pet friendly cabins. Pets off leash, other than in the dog park, may result in eviction from the park without refund.


If you notice a mess, let us know. If you leave behind garbage/pet droppings you will be charged a $25 clean-up fee. Dishwashing and hair dying are not allowed in the restroom. A sink for washing dishes is at the rear of the park in the tent area. No dumping of any water from your RV on to the ground is allowed. A sewer hose seal (rubber donut or threaded connector) for your sewer is REQUIRED.

Firearms & fireworks:

Firearms and fireworks are EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED in the RV Park and Facilities.

No smoking in cabins or any building:

All buildings are non-smoking. Any cabin or building that is smoked in will result in a $250 cleaning fee.


You must advise park hosts/staff of any observable defect. Climbing trees is prohibited. No collecting firewood from park grounds. Nothing may be hung from trees (including tarps, hammocks, clothes lines, etc.).


No ATV or motorbikes are permitted to be operated in the park. You must park in your own space. Overflow parking is available with a parking permit. Tarps are not permitted on any RV for any reason.

Electric Vehicle Charging Policy:

EV Charging is not allowed. Emerald Forest has an older power grid that cannot sustain the continuous voltage required to charge an EV and our electric hookups are not designed for this purpose. Charging your EV here could cause serious damage to our power grid and your EV. You will be liable for any and all damages related to attempting to charge your EV at this location.

Eviction by Emerald Forest Cabins & RV:

Emerald Forest Cabins & RV reserves the right to evict any person for detrimental conduct and/or violating the rules. Eviction may result in RV removal and impound. If impounded a $500 impound fee plus daily storage fee applies.


Refunds are not given for unused days regardless of the reason.

Site and cabin number not guaranteed:

We reserve the right to move you to another space/cabin, if necessary, at no cost to the park.


Emerald Forest Cabins & RV does NOT provide security or maintain personnel or hosts at the RV Park or Facilities at all times.

In the event of an emergency guests should call 911.

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