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Eureka! You’ve Found Redwood Sky Walk

Thrilling Nine inter-connected platforms and bridges offer incredible views of the plants and animals that live sky-high in the mighty trees. The Adventure Segment is a hanging, swaying bridge that will likely give you that fluttery feeling in the pit of your stomach as you creep across the cable-suspended span, far above the logs and … Continued

Spooky Season at Carson Mansion

What’s in There? Two Ways to Find Out The four-story, 18-room mansion has both a basement and a tower, two features that were unique in California at that time. Intricately carved woodwork, stained glass windows, and even a key-hole shaped hallway are a few of the eye-popping details inside the Carson Mansion. Although the Mansion … Continued

Dog-Friendly Humboldt County

More Places to Take Fido in Dog Friendly Humboldt County Five-Bone ratings from all dogs polled! When your four-footed friends get tired of sniffing the trees here at Emerald Forest Cabins & RV, you can take them on more thrilling adventures… Big Lagoon County Park – You like to romp around and so does your … Continued

Red-Footed Booby Spotted Near Trinidad Head

Best Bird-Watching Trails Near Trinidad Head Take your binoculars and camera to look for birds and explore these trails in Trinidad State Beach. Dogs are welcome on both trails, but must be on a leash. Trinidad Head Loop Trail This 1.7-mile loop trail is generally considered an easy route and takes an average of 49 … Continued

California Condors Return to the Redwoods

Prey-Go-Neesh in Northern California Prey-Go-Neesh, the Yurok word for California condors, have lived in the northwest corner of California for countless generations. As members of the vulture family, they feed on carrion. And that is why their numbers began to dwindle. You see, hunters shoot deer, wild turkeys, and other prey animals with lead bullets. … Continued

Trinidad Art Gallery

What, Where, and When Every month, the Trinidad Art Gallery chooses two artists and showcases their work. The featured artists for May 2023 are Elaine Y. Shore and Jennifer Pierce. The public is invited to attend the opening reception on Saturday, May 27th, 6pm – 9pm. Trinidad native Jennifer Pierce focuses on glass mosaics and … Continued

Kinetic Sculpture Race on Memorial Day Weekend

What’s a Kinetic Sculpture? Unlike the Burning Man Art Cars which have motors, the Kinetic Sculpture Race vehicles are all-terrain human-powered works of engineering loaded with extras like animated faces, fire-breathing dragons, and unusual methods of motive power. Hop in the car and go to Arcata – it’s only 16 miles away on US 101 … Continued

Kayak in Spring to See Whales

Whale Watching by Kayak in Trinidad Bay Kayak Trinidad Call (707) 329-0085 Whale watching by kayak is probably the most up-close and personal experience you can possibly have with an animal that weighs 60,000 pounds and is as big as a bus. Jason Self of Kayak Trinidad cautions paddlers to stay 100 yards away from … Continued

Craft Beer in Humboldt County

Craft Beer in Humboldt County & Things to Do at Lost Coast Brewery Craft beer in Humboldt County is delicious and interesting. You can take a free tour of the brewery, learn the Lost Coast story, and sample more than 16 different craft beers. Here’s the kid-friendly part…your new favorite brewery has Lost Coast Root … Continued

Prisoner Rock

As for the vegetation, it is a couple of varieties of edible groundcover known as Ice Plant and Sea Fig. Sailors made a jam from these plants to avoid scurvy – the leaves are full of vitamin C. The plants make good crispy salad greens and pickles. They contain so much moisture, they can even … Continued

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