California Glamping Is Glamorous Camping

Combine ‘Glamour’ with ‘Camping’ and you’ve got ‘Glamping’ – a much more luxurious experience than the usual sleeping bag and tent.

Here at Emerald Forest we make it easy to transform your close-to-nature tent camping experience into a glamorous 5-Star stay.

Here’s how…

California Glamping | Tent Glamping

The Basics

Our 30 tent sites are pet-friendly and have water nearby. Free WiFi throughout the park means you can binge-watch all your favorites, just like at a fancy hotel. Nice restrooms with hot showers, fire pits, and picnic tables are just what you want and need.

The Glamping Part

Sleeping – The number one thing that separates glamping from tent camping is a nice, comfortable bed. An air mattress, raised or on the ground, is what you want. You don’t even have to blow them up. These modern air beds have built-in pumps – no work at all! You’ll need sheets to fit your new air mattress, pillows, and thermal blankets too.

Tent D├ęcor & Accessories – How about a pretty rug and an inflatable couch? A couple of collapsible event chairs will make it easy to socialize. If you want to see what you’re doing at night, better invest in a few battery-operated LED hanging tent bulbs. And if you want to feel especially glamorous, a string of tiny, twinkly fairy lights will give your tent an ethereal feel.

Eating & Drinking – No need to scrounge up pointy sticks from the ground…just get a set of marshmallow roasting sticks. If you plan to cook anything, a set of cooking utensils is handy. But really, and this is an absolute must – get an easily transportable wine cooler and some unbreakable wine glasses. Remember – camping without wine is just sitting in the woods.


Believe it or not, there are actually companies that will come to your chosen site, provide you with a luxurious tent, and set everything up for you, right down to a mint on your pillowcase.

The real fun, though, is planning all this yourself and figuring out how to obtain it all. The fastest way to find all these items is to shop online. If Tent Glamping is not your thing, check out our cabins or rent an RV!

Revel in the glories of nature, with glamping under the stars. Enjoy a natural Pacific Coast wilderness and all the comforts of a five-star hotel. Winter rates are now in effect!

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