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Emerald Forest Cabins is ideally situated among the beauty of Northern California, including state parks such as Patrick’s Point State Park. The natural allure is breathtaking, which is probably why two movies, Jurassic Park and A Wrinkle in Time, had scenes filmed there. It’s also why camping near Patrick Point is popular.

Located about 30 miles north of Eureka, Patrick’s Point sits on a lushly forested promontory overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

  • The one-square-mile park is densely packed with numerous shrubs and trees such as red alder, pine, fir, coastal redwoods, spruce and wildflower meadows with a rugged shoreline that consists of sandy beaches and sheer cliffs from which observers can peer out at migrating gray whales, sea lions and seals.
  • During the summer you can witness a traditional ceremony at Sumeg Village or hike amidst the night and morning fog, which sometimes doesn’t lift for days on end. Clear days are more common in the fall and spring as are opportunities for witnessing the annual spring and fall migration of gray whales along the west coast of North America, often regarded as one of the world’s outstanding wildlife spectacles.

  • Gray whales are up to 50 feet long and 45 tons each. They migrate up to 12,000 miles each year, from Alaska to Baja California and back-the longest known migration of any mammal.
  • Hikers might encounter the mysterious white-footed vole, or such indigenous birds like red crossbills, common murres, and winter wrens, among others. Common murres are quite the spectacle and can be seen diving into the ocean for fish. They winter at sea and breed in large colonies on tall rocks offshore.
  • Hike along Agate Beach, a gently curving strip of sand that is accessible by a short, steep trail from the Agate Beach parking lot. Semi-precious agates, for which the beach is named, are polished by the constant movement of water and sand. Made of silica, agates are usually formed inside cavities caused by bubbles in volcanic rock. Collecting stones at Agate Beach is allowed, just no more than one armload per person.

Emerald Forest Cabins and RV is your ideal Northern California Campground.

You’ll enjoy numerous hiking and nature watching opportunities at Patrick Point. Visit now and savor the soothing calm of Northern California’s breathtaking beauty. Lasting memories await, but only if you book your camping near Patrick Point spot, at Emerald Forest Cabins.

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