Geocaching for Kids in the Emerald Forest

The Emerald Forest – what a beautiful name – makes you think there might be magical creatures like fairies or gnomes hiding behind the trees or under the leaves, doesn’t it?

There ARE things hidden in the forest and the magic is in finding them.

Old-fashioned games like Hide & Seek and Treasure Hunt have teamed up with modern technology to create a new game called Geocaching. It’s easy and fun to play. Just download this free app to your phone, watch the little video, and get started.

What is it exactly? You search for ‘geocaches’ – treasures that have been hidden by others and whose general locations can be found on the app. When you find a cache, you sign the log book, and return it to its hidey-hole so the next person can have fun finding it too. If you take something from the cache, you must replace it with something of equal or greater value.

Geocaching for Kids | Geocaches Along the Nature Trails

You can also hide your own ‘geocaches’ by placing a log book – and perhaps some kind of little trinket or rock – inside a small plastic container, and recording its location on the app. When someone finds your hidden treasure, you can see that on your phone too.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds, of geocaches along the nature trails at Emerald Forest and the surrounding woods and beaches here in Trinidad, California.

Make your own magic – Let’s get started

  • Make a few of your own caches with teeny-weeny Tupperware containers and little notebooks so you can hide treasures for others to find. The app even offers funny cache containers that look like golf balls or creepy bugs so you can throw other geocache-ers off course.
  • Then all you’ll really need for this family adventure is your phone, the filled-up Tupperware treasures, a sense of discovery, and a picnic lunch. Pack things that will stay fresh in your backpack while traipsing through the woods and looking under every fern. Take plenty of water too.
  • The app will alert you when you are about 20 feet away from a geocache. Then you’re on your own. Use your own good sense and look in places where you might hide something.
  • Ooooh! You found a cache! Take a picture, post your discovery, and collect some pretty leaves to commemorate the event.

Geocaching is a fun way to explore the natural world right here at Emerald Forest Cabins & RV Resort. Make your own magic – Reserve Today!

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