Kinetic Sculpture Race on Memorial Day Weekend

Ever since 1969 when Hobart Brown accidentally invented the kinetic sculpture race by improving his son’s tricycle with two extra wheels and a bunch of crazy doo-dads, other inventor people have been building their own kinetic sculptures and racing them. For three whole days they race over 50 miles of pavement, mud, sand, cow pastures, and water in Humboldt County, starting in Arcata and winding up in Ferndale.

What’s a Kinetic Sculpture?

Unlike the Burning Man Art Cars which have motors, the Kinetic Sculpture Race vehicles are all-terrain human-powered works of engineering loaded with extras like animated faces, fire-breathing dragons, and unusual methods of motive power. Hop in the car and go to Arcata – it’s only 16 miles away on US 101 S. Eureka and Ferndale are just a little further.

  • Day One of the Race starts at the Arcata Plaza around noon. The Teams head to the Manila Dunes! The day ends at Halvorsen Park in Eureka.
  • Day Two of the Kinetic Sculpture Race has the vehicles enter the water under the Samoa Bridge between 10am – Noon and exit at the Wharfinger Boat Ramp in Eureka.
  • Day Three, the Teams cross the Eel River and nearby cow pastures to finish on Ferndale’s historic Main Street.

There’s a Super-Secret After Party at Eureka’s Halvorsen Park. How did we know about it? It’s a secret! Have a question? Contact Race Coordinator Jenette Kime at (541) 579-1596.

Memorial Day Comes Once a Year

If you miss seeing the Kinetic Sculpture Race this year, you won’t have another chance to experience these crazy vehicles until next year. Reserve your Memorial Day getaway at Emerald Forest Cabins & RV for the most amazing event you’ll ever see. But don’t wait – we are filling up fast for this wild and wacky three-day race.

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