The Beaches of Trinidad, California

Emerald Forest Cabins and RV in Trinidad, California where every beach has its own vibe. What’s your favorite?

Trinidad State Beach

Three great beaches within this pet-friendly state park. One of them is just right for you…

  • Trinidad Head – for incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Indian Beach – a good spot for tide pooling and kayaking.
  • College Cove – the northernmost section of Trinidad State Beach, has fascinating rocks, sheltered waters, and gorgeous wildflowers all the way down to the shore.

Baker Beach

A secluded, dog-friendly, mostly local beach. Clothing is optional!

Patrick’s Point State Park

Trails, campgrounds, an historic Native American village, viewpoints, tide pools, and a couple of scenic beaches to explore. Sorry, no dogs in this park.

  • Palmer’s Point – sometimes known as Cannonball Beach because of its cannonball-sized boulders. Frequently foggy, so plan accordingly. Great spot for whale-watching.
  • Agate Beach – Find agates and driftwood where a creek rushes downhill to meet the ocean.

Big Lagoon County Park Beach

The ocean beach is a long sandy bar that holds back the Pacific Ocean from Big Lagoon. Trekking along this sand bar you have unfettered access to each side for the entire length. Boating, canoeing and kayaking are the most popular things to do at Big Lagoon.

Houda Point Beach

Perfect place for photographs, particularly of ‘Camel Rock,’ the large offshore rock formation that looks like a two-humped camel from some angles.

Moonstone Beach

After a full day of exploring, surfing, beachcombing, and hiking, it’s time to pack a picnic with a bottle of wine and watch the sunset at Moonstone Beach. Your doggie can run around off leash too.

Emerald Forest Cabins and RV has every magically woodsy and scenic vista you can imagine. The crashing surf, the towering trees, the starry nights. Book your stay at Emerald Forest and commune with nature on the wilderness beaches of Trinidad, California.

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