The Reasons Visitors Love Coastal Redwoods

Nestled within the great redwoods of Northern California and close to the ocean, Emerald Forest Cabins and RV takes advantage of the combination of coastal landscapes and the pristine wilderness made of the famous giant redwoods.

Situated near Trinidad Harbor in Humboldt County, Northern California, Emerald Forest visitors love coastal redwoods for a lot of good reasons, and these giants of the forest just become more spectacular the more that we learn about them. So why is it that visitors love coastal redwoods so much? We’ll tell you why.

Coastal Redwoods | Emerald Forest Cabins and RV

Redwoods Are the Tallest Trees in The World

Also called sequoia sempervirens, the redwoods of California can easily reach heights of over 300 feet with the tallest, a redwood aptly named Hyperion, reaching over 379 feet in height. That is 79 feet taller than the length of a football field, to put it into perspective.

They Can Be Thousands of Years Old

It takes a long time for a tree to get so big, but it is still surprising to learn that the average age of the coastal redwood can be anywhere between 800 to 1,500 years old! Some have been recorded to be over 2,000 years old, making them older than Christianity itself. These trees would have been alive when the Roman Empire was still a global superpower.

Entire Ecosystems Live in Their Branches

As plant matter is caught in the branches and canopy of these giants, it decays and provides soil for other plants, worms, and insects to live up above the ground. This then attracts lizards and mammals, creating an entire ecosystem that lives up at the tops of these trees.

The Redwood Caves (Also Called “Goose Pens”)

Cavities in the bases of these trees can form due to fire damage or the tree’s natural growth, creating natural caves in the trunk that can be hundreds of years old. The cavities are large enough in some cases for someone to sleep inside, and early settlers used to herd geese inside and use them as pens, hence the name “goose pens“.

They Thrive on Fog During Summer

While redwoods enjoy plenty of rain during the winter, during summer their main source of water comes in the form of thick fogs that envelope entire forests. The condensation that the trees collect from fog can make up to 40% of their moisture intake, and walking among these giants on a foggy day is like being in another world. They were the first tree to be discovered to be able to absorb water through their leaves, and it means that even in the driest parts of summertime, they stay strong and healthy in order to keep looking magnificent.

Emerald Forest Cabins and RV gives visitors who love coastal redwoods the opportunity to camp amongst the giants of nature and enjoy some time away in a pristine environment close to the ocean. We love these trees as much as our visitors do, and it could be about time that you also come to see what all of the hype is about.

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