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The Best Restaurants in Trinidad, California

Larrupin Café ($$$$) Opened in 1983, fine dining is the name of the game at Larrupin Café. Using home-grown herbs, local produce, local wine and beer, and a mesquite barbecue, this is American steakhouse cuisine at its best. The restaurant’s eclectic interior is adorned with Chinese rugs as tablecloths and rare Indian and local artwork … Continued

Paddle Your Way Around The Trinidad Coast

Paddle the Trinidad Coast Big Lagoon This body of water is separated from the ocean by a small sandbar which protects it from water swell, making it a much more easy-going experience than paddling in the aggressive Pacific waters. Some of the local scenery here includes sandy beaches, wetlands, and forests which are home to … Continued

Take A Stroll Through A Majestic Fern-Covered Canyon

The canyon walls stand 50-feet high and are flush with seven different species of fern, including five- finger, deer, lady, sword and chain ferns. If you can’t quite picture the canyon, you may remember seeing it in the movie Jurassic Park: The Lost World or in the BBC’s Walking With Dinosaurs. Steven Spielberg described Fern … Continued

Native American History in Trinidad, CA

Trinidad, California is rich with Native American history! One of the ways they do this is through active participation in the local business community. There are several places you can explore while supporting the Native American community during your stay at Emerald Forest Cabins & RV. The Sunset Restaurant, Cher-Ae Heights Casino, and the Seascape … Continued

Explore Humboldt Lagoons State Park

Humboldt Lagoons State Park is an oasis that you’ll love to explore! It combines the best of both worlds with wetlands and coastal sands plus plenty of forest, giving visitors the option to experience whatever kind of tranquility they’re searching for. There’s so much to do and even more to see! Wildlife Visitors can expect … Continued

The Reasons Visitors Love Coastal Redwoods

Redwoods Are the Tallest Trees in The World Also called sequoia sempervirens, the redwoods of California can easily reach heights of over 300 feet with the tallest, a redwood aptly named Hyperion, reaching over 379 feet in height. That is 79 feet taller than the length of a football field, to put it into perspective. … Continued

A Winter Guide to Humboldt County

A Wild Wonderland The Lost Coast is rugged, remote, wild and stunningly beautiful. People are few and far between, adding to the beguiling atmosphere of one of the remotest parts of the state. If you’re traveling along the lost coast trail through the King Range conservation area, it will pay to be aware of the … Continued

RV Safety Travel Tips for 2021

Talk To Your Family If you travel with children or pets, then make sure you have ground rules for how you’re going to act at the campground. Younger children may not understand why they can’t play with other children, so you should set rules in place for where they can and can’t go. Plus, if … Continued

Wildlife in Trinidad

Humboldt Redwoods State Park offers a great opportunity for the viewing of wildlife The park is home to numerous birds, fish, reptiles, and mammals. The animals that are commonly seen in the park include gray fox, squirrels, racoons, mule deer or black-tailed deer, and ground squirrels. The black bear is the largest and most popular … Continued

Thanksgiving: Escape To Trinidad

Tips for Making Thanksgiving Dinner in an RV It might sound impossible to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner in an RV, but impossible is just a word. Here are some tips on how to prepare just about everything needed for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Cook the turkey over the fire in a dutch oven as … Continued

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